PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Impulse vs Work

Directions: On this worksheet you will examine the properties of force vs time (impulse) and force vs distance (work) as they apply to two objects of different masses.


Question 1  Two masses, 3 kg and 7 kg, initially at rest, are both pushed by equal forces through the same distance across identical frictionless surfaces. Which mass would experience the greater acceleration?
Question 2  Which mass has the greater final velocity?
Question 3  Which mass gained the greater amount of kinetic energy?
Question 4  Which mass received the greater impulse?
Question 5  If each mass was pushed by a 37-N force through a distance of 54 meters, what is the ratio of the change in momentum of the 3-kg mass to that of the 7-kg mass?
Question 6  What is the final velocity of the 3-kg mass?
Question 7  How much time was required for the 7-kg mass to travel the entire 54 meters?
Question 8  Which formula correctly relates an object's kinetic energy and its momentum?
Question 9  Regardless of which mass is being examined, which graph will always has the greater area?

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