PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Projectiles Released from Ground Level at an Angle

Directions: On this worksheet, every projectile has a net vertical displacement of sy = 0. That is, the projectiles begin and end at the same height.

Question 1  A football is kicked so that is has a hang time of 2.1 seconds and hits the ground 27 meters down the field, what was the velocity of the football when it was kicked?
Question 2  A cannon is fired on flat ground so that its shell comes back to the ground 417 meters away. If the cannon ball is in the air for only 4.2 seconds, with what velocity was it fired?
Question 3  A softball is struck up into the air with a hang time of 3.6 sec and is caught 9 meters away. What was the velocity of the softball just as it was struck by the bat?
Question 4  A catapult launches its mass at a speed of 35.1 m/sec at an angle of 27 degrees. How long will the mass stay in the air if its release-height and landing-height are the same?
Question 5  An arrow is shot up into the air at 17.6 m/sec at an angle of 41 degrees. What is the range of the arrow if its release-height and impact-height are the same?

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