PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Directions: On this worksheet you will practice solving problems by using the five basic kinematics equations for uniformly accelerated motion.

Question 1  Scenario #1: A car accelerates uniformly from rest to a final speed of 21 m/sec in 9 seconds. How far does it travel during this period of acceleration?
Question 2  What acceleration did the car is Question 1 experience?
Question 3  Scenario #2: A pickup truck moving at 30 m/sec must come to a stop in a distance of 181 meters to avoid hitting a boulder that has fallen onto the road. How much time does the driver have to avoid an accident?
Question 4  What acceleration did the truck experience in Question 2?
Question 5  Scenario #3: A row boat, starting from rest, takes 9 seconds to travel 30 meters. If the boat maintains a uniform acceleration, what will be its instantaneous velocity at the end of this intial 9-second period?
Question 6  At the point in the stream where the boat in Question 5 is crossing, the stream is a total of 181 meters wide. If the boat continues maintaining the final velocity it achieves at the end of 9 seconds for the remainder of the trip, how much total time will it need to reach the opposite shore?
Question 7  What acceleration did the row boat initially experience in Question 5?
Question 8  Scenario #4: A go-cart, accelerating down a hill at 2.25 m/sec2 can travel 65 meters in 7.5 seconds. What was the cart's initial velocity at the top of the hill after a subtle, not so official, push-start?
Question 9  What was the cart's final velocity when it reached the bottom of the hill?

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