PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Horizontally Released Projectiles

Directions: On this worksheet you will practice properties pertaining to horizontally released projectiles. Remember to use an H|V chart to organize your data.

Question 1  A ball is released horizontally at a speed of 12 m/sec from the top of a cliff of height 15 meters tall. How many seconds will be required for the ball to land on the beach at the base of the cliff?
Question 2  How far from the base of the cliff will the ball impact?
Question 3  What is the magnitude of the ball's resultant impact velocity?
Question 4  At what angle will the ball impact at the base of the cliff?
Question 5  A second ball is released from the same cliff at a horizontal velocity that is 4 times greater than the ball is Question #1. What is the ratio of

range ball #5 / range ball #1 =
Question 6  A third ball is released from a second cliff that is 4 times higher than the cliff in Question #1.If it was released with the same horizontal velocity as ball #1, what is the ratio of

range ball #6 / range ball #1 =
Question 7  In the lab 'Range of a Projectile' a group obtained the following graph. Based on the graph's equation, y = 0.414x + 0.015, how high was their table?

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