PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Constant Velocity: Velocity-Time Graphs

Directions: On this worksheet you will practice working with velocity-time graphs for "constant velocity."

Question 1  The y-axis, representing velocity, is scaled so that each square (vertical division) represents 5 m/sec. The x-axis is scaled so that each square represents 1 second.

What was the cart's instantaneous speed at 8.2 seconds?
Question 2  During which interval of time was the object losing speed in a positive direction?
Question 3  During which of these intervals of time was the object at rest?
Question 4  During which interval of time was the object gaining speed in a negative direction?
Question 5  If the object's initial position at t = 0 seconds was 62 meters, N, what was its instantaneous position at exactly 13 seconds?
Question 6  What was the object's average velocity between t = 10 seconds and t = 18 seconds?
Question 7  What was the object's instantaneous speed at 15 seconds?
Question 8  What was the object's average speed for the entire 25 seconds?

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