PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Normal Forces Advanced

Directions: On this worksheet you will be asked to calculate the normal force depending on a variety of situations dealing with horizontal circular motion and vertical circular motion.

Question 1  What is the normal force on a 90-kg passenger who is riding in a roller coaster as it passes over the top of a 25-meter radius loop-the-loop while traveling at a speed of 16.4 m/sec?

Question 2  If the roller coaster track instead passed along the inside of the loop-the-loop in Question #1, what normal force would they now feel?
Question 3  A 1-kg box is held against the outer wall of a gravitron having a radius of 9 meters as shown in the image below.
How fast must the gravitron be rotating, in revolutions per minute, if the normal force is to equal the box's weight?
Question 4  What is the normal force acting on a 42-kg motorcycle traveling at 22 m/sec through a 25º banked curve of radius 210
Question 5  A parent releases her 21-kg child at an angle of 25º from the vertical. If the swing is 2.5 meters long, how large is the normal force exerted on the child by the swing's seat as she passes through the lowest point in her ride?

Question 6  

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