PhysicsLAB Worksheet
Speed of Sound

Directions: Individually, complete these exercises on paper as well as on the website. At the end of the period, make sure that you have your paper initialed and dated by your teacher before you turn it in to the one-way box. This is a one-time submission.
1. What is the speed of sound on a patio which is at a temperature of 27ºC? 

2. What is the wavelength of a B note (frequency of 494 hz) which is being played on an instrument by a girl who is sitting on the patio? 

3. During an afternoon thunderstorm, while looking out the window, you see a lightning strike and then 4.5 seconds later hear its thunder clap. If the speed of sound is 343 m/sec, how far away from your window did the lightning strike? 

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An oceanic depth-sounding vessel sends a sonar signal of 0.100 Mhz towards the ocean floor.
4(a). If sound travels at 1520 m/sec in seawater, what is the wavelength of this signal? 

4(b). If the return signal is received 6 seconds later, how deep is the ocean floor? 

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You are watching a distant neighbor re-roof his house one cold morning when the air temperature is 10ºC. As you watch, he pounds a roofing nail at a regular interval of two times each second. You hear the sound of the blows exactly synchronized with the blows you see.
5. After he stops hammering, you hear five more blows, how far away is the neighbor's roof from your window? 

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