PhysicsLAB Worksheet
Metric Conversions #4

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Directions: Read each question carefully. Although each question requires your skills at converting metric prefixes; each one has a slightly different perspective.

Rank the following masses in order from smallest to largest.
10 mg, 1000 µg, 102 kg, 10-4 kg

Express each of the following in micrograms.
10 ng, 10 mg, 10 g, 10 kg

Which of the following is the longest?
104 cm, 104 mm, 106 μm, 109 nm

Which length is the largest?
101 cm, 10-10 m, 102 mm, 1 m

Which mass is the smallest?
104 μg, 102 g, 1 kg, 103 mg

Which one represents the greatest amount of time?
10-1 Gs, 103 Ms, 104 ks

The radius of a ground-state hydrogen atom is approximately 0.53 A°, where one angstrom (A°) equals 10-10 meters. Express this radius in centimeters.

Green light has an average wavelength of 550 nm. How many meters does this represent? How many Aº?

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