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Density of a Paper Clip Lab Review

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Refer to the following information for the next five questions.

During class, eight groups of students recorded the following values for the average density of their paper clip samples.
7.24 g/cm3
8.03 g/cm3
6.52 g/cm3
7.77 g/cm3
7.46 g/cm3
7.00 g/cm3
7.28 g/cm3
7.77 g/cm3
1.  What is the range of this data? 

2.  What is the mean of this data? 

3.  What is the mode of this data? 

4.  What is the median of this data? 

5.  If the standard deviation for this data group was 0.45 g/cm3, how far from the mean is the most extreme value of 8.03 g/cm3?
Refer to the following information for the next nine questions.

reviewdensity.gif (5658 bytes)
1. Based on the title of this graph, which variable belongs on the x-axis? 

2. State the co-ordinates of two grid points? 

3. Calculate the slope of this line. 

4. If mass is measured in grams and volume in cm3, what are the units for the slope of this line? 

5. What physical property does the slope represent? 

6. Calculate the y-intercept for this line. 

7. What is the equation for this line? 

8. Using the equation in #7, interpolate the value for the mass when the volume is 4 cm3

9. If 20 cm3 of a material has a measured mass of 125 grams, would you suspect it of being made of the same material as the items graphed above? 

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