PhysicsLAB Worksheet
Advanced Properties of Freely Falling Bodies #3

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As you work these problems, show all of your formulas and calculations on your papers. Be thorough, neat, and organized! Be sure to read through the solutions posted so insure that you have understand the relationships presented in each question problem.
A 100-gram golf ball is dropped from rest on the surface of the moon.
1. If the mass of the moon is 7.35 x 1022 kg and its average radius is 1.74 x 106 meters, what is the gravitational field strength of the moon on its surface? 

2. How much does the golf ball weigh on the moon? 

3. What acceleration does the golf ball experience as it falls to the surface of the moon if the moon' force of gravitational attraction is the only force acting on the ball? (Include a FBD of the golf ball as part of your solution.) 

4. If the ball is initially held at a height of 1.3 meters, how much gravitational potential energy does the golf ball possess just as it is released? 

5. What will be the ball’s velocity just as it strikes the ground if it is dropped from rest? 

6. How much time does it take the ball to reach the ground? 

7. How much momentum will the ball have just as it strikes the ground? 

8. What total impulse was delivered to the ball as it fell to the surface of the moon? 

9. How much kinetic energy will the ball have just as it strikes the ground? 

10. How much work did gravity do on the ball as the ball was being pulled to the moon’s surface? 

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