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War Games

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Bullets are flyin', and Dr. J's scared of dyin' as he participates in maneuvers with the local reserve. Actually, they are using rubber bullets, but Dr. J is not convinced that he would rebound from a direct hit. (Dr. J is allergic to bullets - he breaks out in holes.) Even Tripod has deserted his master. He was told to turn in his dogtags when it was discovered that he couldn't salute without failing over. So here was Dr. J all alone and in unfamiliar circumstances. Oh, he had bombed in a school play once, and he often shot off his mouth, but firing guns at tanks was an eerie experience. As he was standing and shaking, he spotted a tank 200 m away moving at 15 m/sec on a line perpendicular to his line of sight. He knows that the speed of the bullet is 300 m/sec.
A. At what horizontal angle with his line of sight must Dr. J aim in order to hit the tank?

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B. How far in meters to one side of the tank must he aim?

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