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The Low-Calorie Beer

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In this thirst-quenching episode, Dr. J spends a few days with an old college chum - Hue Crystal. Hue is really a colorful guy. On the basketball floor, Hue is always the dominant player. TV play-by-play announcers and their color men are always complimentary. He is a pure shooter. To relive the good ol' days, Dr. J and Hue decide to go see a professional basketball game. They travel to Philadelphia to see Dr. J's favorite player, Dr. J. (Julius Erving), play at the Spectrum (naturally). However, this game is boring. Dr. J's mind starts wandering toward physics, and he becomes intrigued with the beverage that is being sold. He decides that a good project would be to analyze the contents of the new low-calorie beverage. He asks Hue to buy one for him to use. Upon receiving the beverage from the vendor, he goes to his lab. His test shows the beverage to live up to its name - it is composed of three pure spectral colors of light. The breakdown is 500 parts of 490 µm, 700 parts of 505 µm, and 800 parts of 610 µm.
Locate on the chromaticity diagram the point corresponding to the color of the beverage, and find its dominant wavelength and purity.

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