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The Iceberg

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Dr. J and Tripod are stranded on an iceberg, waiting to be rescued. They came north in search of female companionship for Tripod, but alas, they have failed. One Alaskan hussie thought he was cute, but refused to get serious, stating that she was looking for someone more stable. Frozen and forlorn, Tripod is at the depths of despair. Dr. J writes help notes and sticks them in the empty bottles left from Tripod's attempt to drink his troubles away. Seeing them float away, Tripod remarks to himself that at least Archimedes was trying to lift his spirits. Neither Dr. J nor Tripod can swim. Dr. J was expelled from the Andrea Doria School of Swim several years back for being too dense. He had thought about suing the school but decided not to, for fear of public ridicule. (After all, we all worry about how we look in a swimsuit don't we?) To help pass the time, they decide to measure the volume of the iceberg above the water. They compute it to be 2000 m3.
If the density of ice is 920 kg/m3 and the density of seawater is 1030 kg/m3, what is the volume of the iceberg below the water?

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