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Eternally Bohring

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Dr. J is going big-game hunting in search of a present for Tripod's birthday. It is a challenging task because Tripod already has practically every game sold. The playful pup has been a fanatic about games all his life. In fact, he views the world around him as one big game board. His favorite dessert is Chess pie. He won't ride in anything but Checker cabs. He only buys stock in companies that are a monopoly, and will only go shopping when the price is right. He calls the bagger at the grocery Pac Man, and loves athletes that say Uno at the end of each sentence. After looking at game after game, Dr. J finally finds one that Tripod does not already own. It doesn't look too interesting, even though it is a game of physics. Called "Eternally Bohring" because it never seems to end, the game leaves a lot to be desired. The ad on the back compares it to Bingo without the go. Nevertheless, Tripod finds the first question challenging and gives his wag of approval.
The first question asks for the longest-wavelength photon that can be absorbed by a hydrogen atom at room temperature.

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