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Picture this - Dr. J as a model for a national magazine! Unfortunately, it is not our nation, but rather a small self-governed group of land masses calling themselves the Fuji Islands. Photography is their national pastime. Cameras are required of all students. To a Fuji first grader, "print" means going into a darkroom. Being an underdeveloped nation, they tend to have a dim view of the rest of the world! This negative attitude has given birth to a popular magazine called Enlightened. Its main purpose is to expose undesirable aspects of world society. They also have monthly sections on fashion and camera design. Dr. J is featured this month in both of these sections. For fashion, he models the newest in robes to wear after a stopbath. In design, he shows how to build your own camera. Dr. J's camera is for close-ups and has two positions for the +7.5 cm converging lens.
What are these positions if the object is 40 cm from the film?

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