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The Circuit Rider

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What starts as a practical joke turns into a money-making venture for Dr. J. His after-school stint as a part-time electrician keeps him busier than he ever imagined. It all began at a party while he was just horsing around. Dressed up as a cowboy, he began singing "ohm ohm on the range." He followed that with his own version of "Watt's cookin' at the campfire?" Not liking that series of songs, the other party goers turned on every noise-making appliance in the house, literally blowing a fuse. The resulting blackout could have been dangerous if it hadn't been for Dr. J's lightening-quick action. Tracing down the problem and restoring the power earned him the respect of all in attendance. Billing himself as The Circuit Rider, he has built a powerful reputation. Today's problem is a typical one. Dr. J needs to modify a 120-volt circuit so that it will carry a current of 15 amps. All he has in his repair kit are 40-ohm resistors.
How many of these will he need to use?

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