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The Big Mac

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As noon approaches, Dr. J and Tripod are starving for a good lunch. They decide to hop over to the local fast-food restaurant and try the new entrée - a McRabbit sandwich. To their dismay, they find they are just a hare too late, and there are none left. When they voice their complaints a little too loudly, the owner comes out to quiet them down. Looking at all six feet ten inches of this three- hundred pound hunk, Tripod realizes he is barking up the wrong tree. The owner initiates his own Big Mac attack and kicks both Dr. J and Tripod out the door. As they limp out of the parking lot, they notice Big Mac's pet rabbit nibbling on some lettuce. "Aha!" they exclaim, "This is our chance for our own McRabbit sandwich!" Big Mac overhears their intention, and the chase is on. Big Mac is after Dr. J and Tripod, and they are after the rabbit. Big Mac can't keep up, so he takes a shortcut to the top of a cliff. As the rest of the crew approaches the road below the cliff, the rabbit stops to rest. Dr. J and Tripod continue to run at a uniform velocity toward the rabbit. Just as they approach the point where the rabbit has stopped, two things happen: the rabbit jumps with a velocity of 5 m/sec at an angle of 30º, and Big Mac jumps straight out from the cliff. Dr. J and Tripod continue running at uniform velocity. They all reach the same point at the same time, resulting in a McMess.
How high was the cliff?

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How fast were Dr. J and Tripod running?

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