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Big Al

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A struggling economy and a love for big bucks drives Dr. J to another physics-related part-time job. His old physics professor from the university has retired from teaching and has become a consultant to an amusement park. Dr. J agrees to serve as his "test pilot." In addition to the money, Dr. J agrees because of his love for Big Al. Big Al helped shape Dr. J's career choice as well as his view of society. For instance, he convinced Dr. J that members of a family should all choose the same career. It was his contention that by sharing the same interests, they would learn better from each other and therefore become better at what they do. According to Big Al, one of our first astronauts was successful because of his family background-his mother was spacey, and his father mooned people as a youngster. (if you haven't figured it out yet, this is part of big Al's theory of relativity.) Big Al wants Dr. J to try his new Rotary Ride. Dr. J is pressed against the inside vertical wall of a rotating drum. The drum has a radius of 4 m and Dr. J weighs 700 N.
If the coefficient of static friction between the rider and the wall is 0.5, what is the minimum angular velocity required for the drum to rotate in order for Dr. J not to slip off when the floor is removed?

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