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The Baton Twirler

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Football season has arrived, and that, of course, means marching bands. The halftime show has always been of special interest to Dr. J. The good doctor gets chills up his spine every time he experiences the doppler effect created by the changing of formations. Tripod, on the other hand, gets more enjoyment out of the game itself - especially when the quarterback barks the signals. However, halftime highlights have taken on a new meaning with the arrival of the school's newest student, Rita Rett, the featured baton twirler. Rita is the daughter of a retired army officer. (Yes! Major Rett!) Rotation is her middle name. In the few weeks she has been in school, she has turned many a head, not to mention wrapping all the male students around her little finger. But alas, jealousy is about to cause an about-face. The female members of the physics class have decided to use some of their newfound knowledge to play a trick on poor Rita. While her head is turned, they replace her baton with one that looks the same, but, in fact, will give a new twist to her routine. The distribution of mass in the new baton increases the moment of inertia by a factor of 10.
Assuming Rita would exert the same torque on both batons through 1/4 revolution, how will the angular velocity of the new baton compare to that of the old?

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