PhysicsLAB AAPT Quiz
1996 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)

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16. The root mean square velocity of oxygen gas (atomic mass 16) is v at room temperature. What is the root mean square velocity of helium (atomic mass 4) at the same temperature?
17. Which of the accompanying PV diagrams best represents an adiabatic process (process where no heat enters or leaves the system)?
18. String A and String B have the same mass and length. String A is under tension T and string B is under tension 2T. The speed of waves in B is ____ times the speed of waves in A.
19. On a day when the velocity of sound in air is v, a whistle moves with velocity u toward a stationary wall. The whistle emits sound with frequency f.

What frequency of reflected sound will be heard by an observer traveling along with the whistle?
20. You are given two lenses, a converging lens with focal length +10 cm and a diverging lens with focal length - 20 cm. Which of the following would produce a real image that is larger than the object?

21. Two mirrors, labeled LM for left mirror and RM for right mirror in the accompanying figure, are parallel to each other and 3.0 m apart. A person standing 1.0 m from the right mirror (RM) looks into this mirror and sees a series of images.

How far from the person is the second closest image seen in the right mirror (RM)?
22. A thin film of thickness t and index of refraction 1.33 coats a glass with index of refraction 1.50.

What is the least thickness t that will strongly reflect light with wavelength 600 nm? Hint: Light undergoes a 180º phase shift when it is reflected off a material with a higher index of refraction.
23. The accompanying figure shows two concentric spherical shells isolated from each other. The smaller shell has radius b and net charge +Q. The larger shell has radius 2b and an equal net charge +Q.
If R is the distance from the common center, the highest electric field magnitude E occurs:

24. An infinite conducting plate of thickness 0.0200 m is surrounded by a uniform field E = 400 V/m directed left to right.

Let the potential Vo = 0 a distance 0.0200 m to the right of the plate. What is V3, the potential 0.0300 m to the left of the plate?
25. A sphere of radius a has uniform charge density ρ. A spherical cavity of radius c is formed in the sphere. The cavity is centered a distance b (b > c) from the center of the sphere.

What is the magnitude of the electric field at the center of the cavity?
26. As shown in the diagram, two fixed charges, q1 = +1.00 µC and q2 = - 4.00 µC, are 0.200 m apart.

Where is the total field zero?

27. The switch is closed in the circuit shown.

What is the charge on the capacitor when it is fully charged?
28. Two identical resistors with resistance R are connected in the two circuits drawn below.

The battery in both circuits is a 12-volt battery. Which statement is correct?

29. The resistors – R1, R2, and R3 – have been adjusted so that the current in the ammeter (labeled A in the accompanying circuit diagram) is zero.

What is R?
30. A long cylindrical conducting wire – shown in cross section to the right – carries a conventional current out of the page. The wire has uniform current density J and radius a.

What is the magnetic field inside the wire, a distance R (R < a) from the wire’s center?


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