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1995 Physics Quiz Bowl (1-20)

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1. Which is not associated with a sound wave?
2. An object shown in the accompanying figure moves in uniform circular motion.
Which arrow best depicts the net force acting on the object at the instant shown?
3. A toy car moves 0.80 m in 1.0 s at the constant velocity. If it continues, how far will it travel in 3.0 s?
4. A wave has a frequency of 50 Hz. The period of the wave is:
5. What temperature change on the Kelvin scale is equivalent to a 10 degree change on the Celsius scale?
6. The "reaction" force does not cancel the "action" force because:

7. An isolated conducting sphere of radius R has positive charge + Q.
Which graph best depicts the electric potential as a function of r, the distance from the center of the sphere?
8. How long must a 100 N net force act to produce a change in momentum of 200 kg m/s?
9. Two spherical bodies attract each other with a gravitational force of 4.0 N. What will be the force if the distance between them is doubled?
10. A plane mirror produces an image that is:

11. Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation has the least energy per photon?
12 The principle underlying fiber optics is:
13. A freely falling body is found to be moving downwards at 27 m/s at one instant. If it continues to fall, one second later the object would be moving with a downward velocity closest to:
14. Which would be the most comfortable temperature for your bath water?
15. If the unit for force is F, the unit for velocity V, and the unit for time T, then the unit for energy is:
16. A charged particle with constant speed enters a uniform magnetic field whose direction is perpendicular to the particle’s velocity. The particle will:

17. Which is a vector quantity?
18. The period of a spring-mass system undergoing simple harmonic motion is T. If the amplitude of the spring-mass system’s motion is doubled, the period will be:
19. A baseball is thrown horizontally from a cliff. At the same instant, a bowling ball is dropped from the same height. Assuming air resistance can be ignored, which of the following statements is correct?

20. One kilogram of water at 85º C is added to a one kilogram thermally isolated copper container initially at 15º C. Which of the following statements is true once the system has reached thermal equilibrium?


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