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Test #1: APC Review Sheet

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Topics to be covered on the test:
variables, their names, their units
dimensional analysis: is an equation dimensionally consistent? what are the unknown exponents?
vector properties: classic right triangles (45-45-90, 37-53-90, 30-60-90); i,j,k notation; polar to rectangular and vice-versa; head-to-tail addition; x|y charts; resultant magnitude (Pythagorean Theorem); invtan |y/x| for the final angle; components of vectors; scalar multiplication of a vector
data analysis - solving a physics equation for the y-axis variable and setting the coefficient of the x-axis variable equal to the numerical slope from a data set to discover the value of a previously unknown quantity
derivatives of polynomials: s(t), v(t), a(t) … relationships between slopes of these functions; function shapes -- parabola ->slanted line -> flat line
antiderivatives of polynomials: a(t), v(t), s(t) … relationships between the areas of these functions
H|V charts and properties of each column, a = -g (vertically) a = 0 (horizontally)
velocity "properties" at each point in the trajectory
energy methods to find impact velocity or height of apex
Energy methods for projectiles - conservation of energy, PE, KE
Homework Sets
Vectors (forget the pirate treasure)
Kinematics and Derivatives (forget the last two problems with 2-cc's)

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