PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2012 B5

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Four lightbulbs are connected in a circuit with a 24 V battery as shown below.
 (a) i. Determine the average potential energy change of an electron as it moves from point Z to point X.

(a) ii. Indicate whether the electron gains or loses potential energy as it moves from point Z to point X.
____ Gains energy
____ Loses energy

 (b) Calculate the equivalent resistance of the circuit.

 (c) i. Calculate the magnitude of the current through point Y.

 (c) ii. Indicate on the diagram the direction of the current through point Y.

 (d) Calculate the energy dissipated in the 12 W bulb in 5 seconds.

(e) Rank the bulbs in order of brightness, with 1 being the brightest. If any bulbs have the same brightness, give them the same ranking.
____ Bulb A ____ Bulb B ____ Bulb C ____ Bulb D

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