PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
1999 C3 E&M

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The non-conducting ring of radius R shown below lies in the yz-plane and carries a uniformly distributed charge Q.

 (a) Determine the electric potential at points along the x-axis as a function of x.

(b) Determine the following components of the ring's electric field.
i. show that the x-component of the electric field along the x-axis is given by

 ii. What are the y- and z- components of the electric field along the x-axis?

(c) Determine the following:
 i. the value of x for which Ex is a maximum.

 ii. The maximum electric field Ex max

 (d) on the axis above, sketch Ex versus x for points on the x-axis from x = -2R to x = +2R

 (e) an electron is placed at x = R/2 and released from rest. Qualitatively describe its subsequent motion.

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