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Amusing Problems in Physics Characters

Dr. J - A physics teachers and part-time CIA agent. As the central character, Dr. J struggles through trial and tribulation to show that truth, justice, and physics will always prevail.

J. Jr - Dr. J's only son and chief helper in the cause of physics. A college-bred lad (actually four-year lof) with degrees in Physics and Puns, he is a valuable asset to his father.

SAP - Students Against Physics, a rival group with a habit of constantly appearing to oppose Dr. J and his helpers. The opposition usually results in some interesting situations and unural solutions.

Tripod - Dr. J's trusted three-legged doy and faithful companion. When not helping Dr. J in his crusade for physics, he stands on the lawn in front of the house as a constant reminder that there are three feet in a yard.

Timex - Dr. J's trusted lab assistance. Refusing a salaried potion, he prefers to work for an hourly rate. When not conducting physics experiments, he helps with the janitorial duties - a sort of second-had sweep.

Dr. J, Tripod, Timex Tim Harris

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