IntroductoryA. Introduction to Magnetism
 IntroductoryLAB: Forces Between Ceramic Magnets
 IntroductoryB. Famous Experiments: Cathode Rays
 Algebra/TrigC. Magnetic Forces on Particles (Part II)
 Algebra/TrigReview RL: Uniform Circular Motion: Centripetal Forces
 Algebra/TrigWS: Magnetic Forces on Moving Charges
 CalculusD. Ampere's Law
 CalculusWS: Practice with Ampere's Law
 IntroductoryLAB: Telegraph Project
 CalculusLAB: Magnetic Field in a Solenoid
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Mass of an Electron
 CalculusE. A Guide to Biot-Savart Law
 CalculusF. Magnetic Field Along the Axis of a Current Loop
 Algebra/TrigG. Magnetism: Current-Carrying Wires
 Algebra/TrigWS: Magnetic Forces on Current-Carrying Wires
 Algebra/TrigH. Torque on a Current-Carrying Loop
 Algebra/TrigI. Meters: Current-Carrying Coils

AlgebraLAB   The topic you chose, magnetic fields, has the following supporting documents in AlgebraLAB to assist you with some of the mathematical skills that you might encounter while working physics problems in this unit.

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