XIII.Torque and Rotational Motion
 Algebra/TrigA. Center of Mass
 CalculusB. Rotational Kinematics
 Algebra/TrigC. Centripetal Acceleration and Angular Motion
 CalculusD. Torque: An Introduction
 Algebra/TrigE. Rotational Equilibrium
 Algebra/TrigWS: Moment Arms
 Algebra/TrigWS: Torque: Rotational Equilibrium Problems
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Mass of a Paper Clip
 Algebra/TrigF. Rotary Motion
 CalculusG. Discrete Masses: Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia
 CalculusH. Thin Rods: Center of Mass
 CalculusI. Thin Rods: Moment of Inertia
 Algebra/TrigJ. A Chart of Common Moments of Inertia
 Algebra/TrigK. Rotational Kinetic Energy
 Algebra/TrigWS: Rotational Kinetic Energy
 CalculusL. Rotational Dynamics: Pulleys
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Rotational Inertia
 CalculusLAB: Moment of Inertia of a Bicycle Wheel
 CalculusLAB: A Physical Pendulum, The Parallel Axis Theorem and A Bit of Calculus
 CalculusM. Rotational Dynamics: Rolling Spheres/Cylinders
 CalculusN. Rolling and Slipping
 CalculusO. Rotational Dynamics: Pivoting Rods
 CalculusP. Hinged Board
 Algebra/TrigQ. Introduction to Angular Momentum
 CalculusR. A Further Look at Angular Momentum
 Algebra/TrigWS: Moments of Inertia and Angular Momentum

AlgebraLAB   The topic you chose, rotary motion, has the following supporting documents in AlgebraLAB to assist you with some of the mathematical skills that you might encounter while working physics problems in this unit.

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