XVIII.Modern Physics
 IntroductoryA. An Outline: Dual Nature of Light and Matter
 Algebra/TrigB. Atomic Models and Spectra
 IntroductoryLAB: Basic Particles
 IntroductoryLAB: Experimental Radius
 IntroductoryWS: Atomic Models and Spectra
 IntroductoryC. Famous Discoveries and Experiments
 IntroductoryD. Famous Experiments: Michelson-Morley
 Algebra/TrigE. Famous Discoveries: Bohr Model
 Algebra/TrigF. Derivation of Bohr's Model for the Hydrogen Spectrum
 IntroductoryG. Excitation
 Algebra/TrigH. Energy-Level Diagrams
 Algebra/TrigWS: Energy Level Diagrams
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Using Young's Equation - Wavelength of a Helium-Neon Laser
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Hydrogen Spectrum
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Hydrogen Spectrum
 Algebra/TrigI. Famous Discoveries: de Broglie Matter Waves
 Algebra/TrigJ. Famous Experiments: Davisson-Germer
 Algebra/TrigK. Famous Discoveries: The Franck-Hertz Experiment
 IntroductoryL. Famous Experiments: Millikan's Oil Drop
 IntroductoryLAB: Quantized Mass
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Mass of an Electron
 Algebra/TrigM. Famous Discoveries: The Photoelectric Effect
 Algebra/TrigLAB: A Photoelectric Effect Analogy
 IntroductoryN. Famous Experiments: The Compton Effect
 IntroductoryO. Famous Experiments: The Discovery of the Neutron
 Algebra/TrigP. Nuclear Reaction
 IntroductoryWS: Rotational and Reflection Symmetries
 IntroductoryLAB: Mirror Symmetry
 Algebra/TrigQ. What is Mass?
 Algebra/TrigLAB: Mass of the Top Quark
 Algebra/TrigWS: Standard Model: Particles and Forces

AlgebraLAB   The topic you chose, modern/atomic, has the following supporting documents in AlgebraLAB to assist you with some of the mathematical skills that you might encounter while working physics problems in this unit.

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