Welcome to the online physics program, PhysicsLAB™!

PhysicsLAB was started in June of 1997, while I was teaching at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, Florida. On May 30, 2018, after teaching a total of 44 years, I permanently retired from the classroom. At that time the website included almost 1900 interactive lessons, labs and worksheets. Despite my retirement, PhysicsLAB will continue to be maintained and new curriculum developed each year. You may examine the curriculum through any of the links provided on the sidebar.

PhysicsLAB is included, under the title Physics Lab Online, in
  • the American Association of Physics Teachers' ComPADRE website for recommended instructional materials
  • the Merlot II Collection for PhysicsLAB's (Physics Lab Online) overall content and special references to the resource lessons, labs, and Amusing Problems
  • the National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
The Labs compendium on PhysicsLAB is included in the Maryland State Department of Education online instructional toolkit. Virginia Department of Education recommends PhysicsLAB's content in its BIOSTEM Resources - specifically PhysicsLAB's interactive animations, lab activities, and workseets. In addition, many of the lessons on PhysicsLAB as a resource for Cambridge University's Department of Engineering online undergraduate program.

All of this in addition to the greatest affirmation that lies in the fact that countless teacher-based instructional websites throughout the nation link to PhysicsLAB to assist their school's students with its lessons, worksheets, and labs.

Also available on site are four collections of past state and national tests which have been re-formated into interactive formats.
  • 23 years of the New York Regents Physics exams from 1996 to the present
  • Introductory Physics exams from the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) from 2004 to the present;
  • North Carolina Physics Exam Questions from 2004 to the present;
  • 24 years of the PhysicsBowl Exams as well as numerous Physics Olympiad Screening Tests sponsored by the American Association of Physics teachers (AAPT)
In addition, there is a searchable collection of 41 years of AP Physics B, as well as 36 years of Physics C-Mechanics, and Physics C-E&M free response questions.

A compilation of random number practice exercies can also be accessed for the sidebar. These worksheets allow students to practice "classic" problems with a different set of values each time they reload the page. Additionally the sidebar provides links to general groupings of interactive resource lessons, worksheets, and labs.

The Table of Contents presents the site's curricular materials in a chapter format, while the search engines allow you to locate curriculum by course, curriculum group, topic, skill, and keyword. Any of the original curriculum which was not converted to our new XML format can still be accessed by visiting PhysicsLAB's first edition companion website, Curriculum Guide, where online materials are organized into content areas and instructional units for visiting educators. Note: this listing is limited to materials created from 1997 until 2003 and is no longer as comprehensive as our current search engines and Table of Contents.

Collateral math lessons, studyaids, and practice pages that support over 150 algebra, geometry, trig, calculus, and statistics topics needed for the successful completion of high school science courses are available through AlgebraLAB, an two-year project funded by Florida's Enhancing Education Through Technology grants.(2002-05)

Please take a moment and generalize yourself with the directions on how to use PhysicsLAB. Although there is no fee to access these materials, my usage and copyright requirements are provided on the site's Directions page.

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