PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Net F = ma

Directions: On this worksheet, positive horizontal directions are towards the right and positive vertical directions are upwards.

Question 1  What is the net force acting on a 2-kg mass if it is accelerating at a rate of 4 m/sec2?

Question 2  What is the magnitude of the frictional force present if a 2-kg mass being pulled by a horizontal force of 6 newtons towards the right experiences an acceleration of 1 m/sec2?

Question 3  A 2-kg mass experiences two vertical forces: 43.9 newtons pulling upward and 19.6 newtons pulling downward. What acceleration does the 2-kg mass undergo?

Question 4  A 2-kg mass is being pulled towards the right with a rope that has a tension of 42 newtons at an angle of 32 degrees to the x-axis. If the surface is frictionless, what acceleration will the mass develop?

Question 5  A 12-gram bullet travelling at 50 m/sec is fired into a tree. If the bullet is brought to a stop in a distance of 32 centimeters, what average resistive force did the tree exert upon it?

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