PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Projectiles Released from Ground Level at an Angle

Directions: On this worksheet, every projectile has a net vertical displacement of sy = 0. That is, the projectiles begin and end at the same height.

Question 1  A football is kicked so that is has a hang time of 4 seconds and hits the ground 30 meters down the field, what was the velocity of the football when it was kicked?
Question 2  A cannon is fired on flat ground so that its shell comes back to the ground 454 meters away. If the cannon ball is in the air for only 8 seconds, with what velocity was it fired?
Question 3  A softball is struck up into the air with a hang time of 5.3 sec and is caught 10 meters away. What was the velocity of the softball just as it was struck by the bat?
Question 4  A catapult launches its mass at a speed of 30.8 m/sec at an angle of 30 degrees. How long will the mass stay in the air if its release-height and landing-height are the same?
Question 5  An arrow is shot up into the air at 15.4 m/sec at an angle of 51 degrees. What is the range of the arrow if its release-height and impact-height are the same?

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