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More Practice with SHM Equations

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Refer to the following information for the next nine questions.

The velocity of a harmonic oscillator is described by  where the maximum velocity is vmax = 25 cm/sec and the frequency is 10 hz.
Write this oscillator's velocity function. 

What is its velocity at t = 0.05 seconds? 

At what time (after t = 0 seconds) will the oscillator first reach a position at which it is moving at its maximum velocity? 

What is its velocity at t = 0.175 seconds? 

What is the maximum amplitude of this harmonic oscillator? 

Write this oscillator's position function. 

What is this oscillator's maximum acceleration? 

Write this oscillator's acceleration function. 

If a mass of 30 grams was attached to this oscillator, what is this spring's elasticity constant? 

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